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cMenuSchedule Class Reference

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Public Methods

 cMenuSchedule (void)
virtual ~cMenuSchedule ()
virtual eOSState ProcessKey (eKeys Key)

Private Methods

eOSState Record (void)
eOSState Switch (void)
void PrepareSchedule (cChannel *Channel)

Private Attributes

cMutexLock mutexLock
const cSchedulesschedules
bool now
bool next
int otherChannel

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cMenuSchedule::cMenuSchedule void   

Definition at line 1305 of file menu.c.

References next, now, cChannel::Number(), otherChannel, PrepareSchedule(), cSIProcessor::Schedules(), schedules, cMenuWhatsOn::SetCurrentChannel(), cOsdMenu::SetHelp(), and tr.

cMenuSchedule::~cMenuSchedule   [virtual]

Definition at line 1319 of file menu.c.

References cMenuWhatsOn::ScheduleEventInfo().

Member Function Documentation

void cMenuSchedule::PrepareSchedule cChannel   Channel [private]

Definition at line 1329 of file menu.c.

References cOsdMenu::Add(), cOsdMenu::Clear(), cChannel::GetChannelID(), cEventInfo::GetDuration(), cSchedule::GetEventNumber(), cSchedules::GetSchedule(), cEventInfo::GetTime(), MALLOC, cChannel::Name(), now, cSchedule::NumEvents(), schedules, cOsdMenu::SetTitle(), and tr.

Referenced by cMenuSchedule(), and ProcessKey().

eOSState cMenuSchedule::ProcessKey eKeys    Key [virtual]

Reimplemented from cOsdMenu.

Definition at line 1388 of file menu.c.

References cOsdMenu::AddSubMenu(), cListBase::Count(), cOsdMenu::Current(), cDevice::CurrentChannel(), cOsdMenu::Display(), eOSState, cList< cOsdItem >::Get(), cEventInfo::GetChannelID(), cOsdMenu::HasSubMenu(), kBlue, kGreen, kOk, kRecord, kRed, kYellow, next, now, cChannel::Number(), osUnknown, otherChannel, PrepareSchedule(), cOsdMenu::ProcessKey(), Record(), cMenuWhatsOn::ScheduleEventInfo(), cOsdMenu::SetHelp(), Switch(), and tr.

eOSState cMenuSchedule::Record void    [private]

Definition at line 1358 of file menu.c.

References cOsdMenu::AddSubMenu(), cOsdMenu::Current(), eOSState, cMenuScheduleItem::eventInfo, cList< cOsdItem >::Get(), cListObject::Index(), isyslog, and osContinue.

Referenced by ProcessKey().

eOSState cMenuSchedule::Switch void    [private]

Definition at line 1378 of file menu.c.

References eOSState, osContinue, osEnd, and tr.

Referenced by ProcessKey().

Field Documentation

cMutexLock cMenuSchedule::mutexLock [private]

Definition at line 1292 of file menu.c.

bool cMenuSchedule::next [private]

Definition at line 1294 of file menu.c.

Referenced by cMenuSchedule(), and ProcessKey().

bool cMenuSchedule::now [private]

Definition at line 1294 of file menu.c.

Referenced by cMenuSchedule(), PrepareSchedule(), and ProcessKey().

int cMenuSchedule::otherChannel [private]

Definition at line 1295 of file menu.c.

Referenced by cMenuSchedule(), and ProcessKey().

const cSchedules* cMenuSchedule::schedules [private]

Definition at line 1293 of file menu.c.

Referenced by cMenuSchedule(), and PrepareSchedule().

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