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cMenuWhatsOn Class Reference

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Public Methods

 cMenuWhatsOn (const cSchedules *Schedules, bool Now, int CurrentChannelNr)
virtual eOSState ProcessKey (eKeys Key)

Static Public Methods

int CurrentChannel (void)
void SetCurrentChannel (int ChannelNr)
const cEventInfoScheduleEventInfo (void)

Private Methods

eOSState Record (void)
eOSState Switch (void)

Static Private Attributes

int currentChannel = 0
const cEventInfoscheduleEventInfo = NULL

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cMenuWhatsOn::cMenuWhatsOn const cSchedules   Schedules,
bool    Now,
int    CurrentChannelNr

Definition at line 1174 of file menu.c.

References cOsdMenu::Add(), CHNUMWIDTH, currentChannel, cList< cSchedule >::First(), cSchedule::GetFollowingEvent(), cSchedule::GetPresentEvent(), cList< cSchedule >::Next(), cChannel::Number(), cEventInfo::SetChannelNumber(), cOsdMenu::SetHelp(), and tr.

Member Function Documentation

int cMenuWhatsOn::CurrentChannel void    [inline, static]

Definition at line 1160 of file menu.c.

eOSState cMenuWhatsOn::ProcessKey eKeys    Key [virtual]

Reimplemented from cOsdMenu.

Definition at line 1244 of file menu.c.

References cOsdMenu::AddSubMenu(), cListBase::Count(), cOsdMenu::Current(), currentChannel, eOSState, cMenuWhatsOnItem::eventInfo, cList< cOsdItem >::Get(), cEventInfo::GetChannelNumber(), kBlue, kGreen, kOk, kRecord, kRed, kYellow, osBack, osUnknown, cOsdMenu::ProcessKey(), Record(), scheduleEventInfo, and Switch().

eOSState cMenuWhatsOn::Record void    [private]

Definition at line 1224 of file menu.c.

References cOsdMenu::AddSubMenu(), cOsdMenu::Current(), eOSState, cMenuWhatsOnItem::eventInfo, cList< cOsdItem >::Get(), cListObject::Index(), isyslog, and osContinue.

Referenced by ProcessKey().

const cEventInfo * cMenuWhatsOn::ScheduleEventInfo void    [static]

Definition at line 1205 of file menu.c.

References scheduleEventInfo.

Referenced by cMenuSchedule::ProcessKey(), and cMenuSchedule::~cMenuSchedule().

void cMenuWhatsOn::SetCurrentChannel int    ChannelNr [inline, static]

Definition at line 1161 of file menu.c.

Referenced by cMenuSchedule::cMenuSchedule().

eOSState cMenuWhatsOn::Switch void    [private]

Definition at line 1212 of file menu.c.

References cOsdMenu::Current(), eOSState, cMenuWhatsOnItem::eventInfo, cList< cOsdItem >::Get(), cEventInfo::GetChannelID(), osContinue, osEnd, cDevice::PrimaryDevice(), cDevice::SwitchChannel(), and tr.

Referenced by ProcessKey().

Field Documentation

int cMenuWhatsOn::currentChannel = 0 [static, private]

Definition at line 1166 of file menu.c.

Referenced by cMenuWhatsOn(), and ProcessKey().

const cEventInfo * cMenuWhatsOn::scheduleEventInfo = NULL [static, private]

Definition at line 1167 of file menu.c.

Referenced by ProcessKey(), and ScheduleEventInfo().

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