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device.h File Reference

#include "thread.h"
#include "tools.h"

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Data Structures

class  cDevice
 The cDevice class is the base from which actual devices can be derived. More...

class  cPidHandle
class  cTSBuffer
 Buffer implementation for transport stream. More...


#define MAXDEVICES   16
#define MAXCACAPS   16
#define MAXPIDHANDLES   16
#define MAXRECEIVERS   16
#define MAXVOLUME   255
#define VOLUMEDELTA   5
#define TS_SIZE   188
#define TS_SYNC_BYTE   0x47
#define PID_MASK_HI   0x1F


enum  eSetChannelResult { scrOk, scrNotAvailable, scrNoTransfer, scrFailed }
enum  ePlayMode {
  pmNone, pmAudioVideo, pmAudioOnly, pmAudioOnlyBlack,
 enumeration of possible play modes More...

Define Documentation

#define MAXCACAPS   16

Definition at line 17 of file device.h.

Referenced by cSetup::ParseCaCaps(), cDevice::ProvidesCa(), cDevice::SetCaCaps(), and cSetup::StoreCaCaps().

#define MAXDEVICES   16

device.h: The basic device interface

See the main source file 'vdr.c' for copyright information and how to reach the author.

device.h 1.28 2002/12/15 14:40:11 kls Exp

Definition at line 16 of file device.h.

Referenced by cDevice::CanShift(), cDevice::cDevice(), main(), cDevice::NextCardIndex(), cSetup::ParseCaCaps(), cMenuEditCaItem::ProcessKey(), cDevice::ProvidesCa(), cDevice::SetUseDevice(), and cSetup::StoreCaCaps().

#define MAXPIDHANDLES   16

Definition at line 18 of file device.h.

Referenced by cDevice::AddPid(), cDevice::DelPid(), and cDevice::HasPid().

#define MAXRECEIVERS   16

Definition at line 19 of file device.h.

Referenced by cDevice::Action(), cDevice::AttachReceiver(), cDevice::Ca(), cDevice::cDevice(), cDevice::Detach(), cDevice::Priority(), cDevice::Receiving(), and cDevice::~cDevice().

#define MAXVOLUME   255

Definition at line 20 of file device.h.

Referenced by cSetup::cSetup(), and cDisplayVolume::Show().

#define PID_MASK_HI   0x1F

Definition at line 25 of file device.h.

#define TS_SIZE   188

Definition at line 23 of file device.h.

#define TS_SYNC_BYTE   0x47

Definition at line 24 of file device.h.

#define VOLUMEDELTA   5

Definition at line 21 of file device.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum ePlayMode

enumeration of possible play modes

Enumeration values:
pmNone  audio/video from decoder
pmAudioVideo  audio/video from player
pmAudioOnly  audio only from player, video from decoder
pmAudioOnlyBlack  audio only from player, no video (black screen)
pmExtern_THIS_SHOULD_BE_AVOIDED  external player (e.g. MPlayer), release the device

Definition at line 31 of file device.h.

enum eSetChannelResult

Enumeration values:

Definition at line 27 of file device.h.

Referenced by cDevice::SetChannel().

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