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osdbase.h File Reference

#include <stdio.h>
#include "font.h"

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Data Structures

class  cBitmap
 Set bitmap to defined coordinates. More...

class  cOsdBase
 Basic interface to the On Screen Display. More...

class  cPalette
 Set DVB colors. More...

class  cWindow
 Window attributes. More...


#define MAXNUMCOLORS   16
#define ALL_WINDOWS   (-2)
 '-1' is used as an error return value!

#define ALL_TILED_WINDOWS   (-3)
#define LAST_CREATED_WINDOW   (-4)


typedef int tWindowHandle


enum  eDvbColor {
  clrTransparent = 0x00000000, clrBackground = 0x7F000000, clrBlack = 0xFF000000, clrRed = 0xFF1414FC,
  clrGreen = 0xFF24FC24, clrYellow = 0xFF24C0FC, clrMagenta = 0xFFFC00B0, clrBlue = 0xFFFC0000,
  clrCyan = 0xFFFCFC00, clrWhite = 0xFFFCFCFC

Define Documentation

#define ALL_TILED_WINDOWS   (-3)

Definition at line 173 of file osdbase.h.

Referenced by cOsdBase::Clear(), cOsdBase::Fill(), cOsdBase::SetBitmap(), and cOsdBase::Text().

#define ALL_WINDOWS   (-2)

'-1' is used as an error return value!

Definition at line 172 of file osdbase.h.

Referenced by cOsdBase::Clear().

#define LAST_CREATED_WINDOW   (-4)

Definition at line 174 of file osdbase.h.

Referenced by cOsdBase::GetWindow().

#define MAXNUMCOLORS   16

osdbase.h: Basic interface to the On Screen Display

See the main source file 'vdr.c' for copyright information and how to reach the author.

osdbase.h 1.6 2002/09/08 14:12:41 kls Exp

Definition at line 16 of file osdbase.h.


Definition at line 139 of file osdbase.h.

Referenced by cOsdBase::Create(), cOsdBase::GetWindowNr(), and cDvbOsd::SetWindow().

Typedef Documentation

typedef int tWindowHandle

Definition at line 169 of file osdbase.h.

Referenced by cOsdBase::Create().

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum eDvbColor

enumeration with definition of possible dvb colors (checked by NewColors()) definition of possible dvb colors

Enumeration values:
clrTransparent  Definition of transparent.
clrBackground  definition of background color
clrBlack  definition of black color
clrRed  definition of red color
clrGreen  definition of green color
clrYellow  definition of yellow color
clrMagenta  definition of magenta color
clrBlue  definition of blue color
clrCyan  definition of cyan color
clrWhite  definition of white

Definition at line 20 of file osdbase.h.

Referenced by cPalette::AllColors(), cDvbOsd::CommitWindow(), cPalette::GetColor(), cPalette::Index(), and cPalette::NewColors().

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