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cSchedules Class Reference

#include <eit.h>

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Detailed Description


Definition at line 160 of file eit.h.

Public Methods

 cSchedules (void)
 ~cSchedules ()
const cScheduleGetSchedule (tChannelID channelid) const
const cScheduleGetSchedule (void) const
void Dump (FILE *f, const char *Prefix="") const

Static Public Methods

bool Read (FILE *f)

Protected Methods

const cScheduleAddChannelID (tChannelID channelid)
const cScheduleSetCurrentChannelID (tChannelID channelid)
void Cleanup ()

Private Attributes

const cSchedulepCurrentSchedule
tChannelID currentChannelID


class cSchedule
class cSIProcessor

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cSchedules::cSchedules void   

Definition at line 785 of file eit.c.

References pCurrentSchedule.


Definition at line 790 of file eit.c.

Member Function Documentation

const cSchedule * cSchedules::AddChannelID tChannelID    channelid [protected]

Definition at line 794 of file eit.c.

References cListBase::Add(), cSchedule, and GetSchedule().

Referenced by cSchedule::Read(), and SetCurrentChannelID().

void cSchedules::Cleanup void    [protected]

Definition at line 835 of file eit.c.

References cSchedule::Cleanup(), cList< cSchedule >::First(), and cList< cSchedule >::Next().

Referenced by cSIProcessor::Action().

void cSchedules::Dump FILE *    f,
const char *    Prefix = ""

Definition at line 848 of file eit.c.

References cSchedule::Dump(), cList< cSchedule >::First(), and cList< cSchedule >::Next().

Referenced by cSIProcessor::Action(), and cSVDRP::CmdLSTE().

const cSchedule * cSchedules::GetSchedule void    const

Definition at line 813 of file eit.c.

References pCurrentSchedule.

Referenced by AddChannelID().

const cSchedule * cSchedules::GetSchedule tChannelID    channelid const

Definition at line 818 of file eit.c.

References tChannelID::ClrRid(), cList< cSchedule >::First(), cSchedule::GetChannelID(), and cList< cSchedule >::Next().

Referenced by cDisplayChannel::DisplayInfo(), cRecordControl::GetEventInfo(), and cMenuSchedule::PrepareSchedule().

bool cSchedules::Read FILE *    f [static]

Definition at line 855 of file eit.c.

References cSchedule::Read().

Referenced by cPUTEhandler::Process(), and cSIProcessor::Read().

const cSchedule * cSchedules::SetCurrentChannelID tChannelID    channelid [protected]

Definition at line 804 of file eit.c.

References AddChannelID(), tChannelID::ClrRid(), currentChannelID, and pCurrentSchedule.

Referenced by cSIProcessor::SetCurrentChannelID().

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class cSchedule [friend]

Definition at line 161 of file eit.h.

Referenced by AddChannelID().

friend class cSIProcessor [friend]

Definition at line 162 of file eit.h.

Field Documentation

tChannelID cSchedules::currentChannelID [private]

Definition at line 165 of file eit.h.

Referenced by SetCurrentChannelID().

const cSchedule* cSchedules::pCurrentSchedule [private]

Definition at line 164 of file eit.h.

Referenced by cSchedules(), GetSchedule(), and SetCurrentChannelID().

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